Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Re-framing Sadhana to Work for You

  • 2

    Set Your Focus [QUIZ]

    • Where should you focus your practice in 2020?

  • 3

    Build Your Sadhana [VIDEO + IDEAS]

    • 4 Guidelines for Creating Your 2020 Practice

    • 6 Areas to Focus on for a Balanced Practice

  • 4

    Choose Your Word of the Year [VIDEO + PROMPTS]

    • A Refreshing Alternative to New Years Resolutions

  • 5

    My Shadow Work Practices [VIDEO + RESOURCES]

    • 3 Processes that Fundamentally Shifted My Mental Health

  • 6

    The Shadow Workbook [FULL TEXT!]

    • The Shadow Workbook PDF

Create your Shadow Work Sadhana in 2020

Sadhana - "a means of accomplishing something"

Your Sadhana consists of the routines and practices you implement that bring positive spiritual results like feeling better, understanding yourself more, or leaving behind toxic habits. Let's face it - the mainstream rigid & structured way of setting New Year's resolutions doesn't work for many of us (that's why, studies say, the gym crowds fizzle out by March :) In this course I offer an alternative to using will power and forced motivation: What if you instead created fluid practices & flexible intentions that actually felt GOOD? This course will give you a head start and some inspiration for getting real results with shadow work & improving your quality of life in 2020.
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